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Perhaps in the future we will remember two things when we recall Kepa’s days as a Chelsea goalkeeper. One is that in the 2019 League Cup final at Wembley Stadium, the Spaniard violated Sarri's arrangement and refused to be replaced before the penalty kick.


And the second should probably be this past weekend, he passed the ball directly to Mane in the game against Liverpool, which led to the team's second goal conceded.


In the 19 months since becoming the most valuable goalkeeper in world football, these two events have gradually transformed Kepa from a goalkeeper who is confident that only he can be the goalkeeper of the Blues to a goalkeeper who only looks at the team’s defeat. A player who can awkwardly drink water and seem to want to leave the court and leave his six-yard zone.


Perhaps for Kepa’s luck, this day’s Stamford Bridge was an empty game. After losing the ball, he didn’t hear the laughter of the visiting fans who were supposed to be behind the goal, and he didn’t have to feel every time he handled the pass back. The sneers and cheers when playing the ball.

也许是因为凯帕(Kepa)的运气,今天的斯坦福桥(Stamford Bridge)是一场空洞的比赛。丢球之后,他没有听到本应在球门后面的来访球迷的笑声,而且每次传球时他都不必感到。踢球时的冷笑和欢呼。

Perhaps worse, the fans on the scene may even exaggerately give him sympathetic applause every time he completes his job as a goalkeeper. For a professional player, nothing is more uncomfortable than this kind of sympathy and compassion.


But Kepa did seem a little miserable in the last 30 minutes of the game. That time period was really scary for a player who was swallowed by self-doubt. He needs to stay on the court and focus on completing the most basic duties.


Suddenly, it seems that even standing up requires concentration. For a player who has just made a big mistake, this kind of thing is a kind of "feat", far less simple than others think. When this happens, there is no choice but to let the goalkeeper leave the "front line".


Not surprisingly, Caballero will appear in the League Cup against Barnsley in the middle of the week, and when Chelsea face West Brom this weekend, the Blues are about to sign the goalkeeper from Rennes for £22 million. Mendy is expected to guard the city for Chelsea.


In fact, in the first round against Brighton, the Spaniard let Trossard's shot slip past his fingertips and there is reason to make people question Kepa further. Last season, Kepa's save success rate was only 54.5% in the face of all shots hit within the goal range, which was the lowest value since the 2003-04 Premier League set up this statistic.


In this completely collapsed game against Liverpool, Kepa actually showed a careless state in the first half-he attacked from the left side of the penalty area and tried to get the ball, but was received faster. Salah got rid of and almost let the latter make a goal.


In the event that Christensen received a red card, his judgment on the spot was also wrong. Mane will receive a long pass from Henderson, and if Christensen does not put the Senegalese, then Kepa who rashly attacked may also be fouled and sentenced to death.


Judging from the Spaniard's performance in front of goal, it is easy to conclude that Kepa is not that good at 亚搏彩票app客服all. Chelsea spent £71.6 million for the 23-year-old Kepa two years ago, but afterwards discovered that it might be just a raw jade that needs to be polished at a huge price.


Perhaps it makes sense to say so. From the goalkeeper's perspective, Kepa is still very young. Of course, he is certainly not the first player to find it difficult to adapt to the rhythm of the game after coming to the Premier League from La Liga.


In fact, Kepa's first season at Chelsea was pretty good. In the face of shots from within the goal range, his save success rate was 67.5%, which was similar to his 68.2% performance during the two seasons he played for Athletic Bilbao. So why does he have a sudden decline in state?


Last season, Caballero made 5 starts in the Premier League. In these 5 games, his success rate for saves against shots from within the goal range is 56.3%, which is only slightly better than Kepa's data.


Of course, the sample size of the Argentine is relatively small, but at least it can be said that this is far from the average performance of hi亚搏彩票官网客服s career: he has 71% of the six seasons with Elche and four seasons in Málaga. 74%, 72.6% in the 3 seasons in Manchester City. In the other five league starts in the previous two seasons, his performance was 78.2%.


In the 2018-19 season, Scott Carson is Derby County's first choice goalkeeper in the English Champions League. At that time, his success rate for saves against shots from within the goal range was 66%. This number was much higher than that of Kepa and Caballero last season, but it was the fourth worst statistic in his career. , Well below the career average of 71.5%.

在2018-19赛季,斯科特·卡森(Scott Carson)是德比郡英格兰冠军联赛的首选门将。当时,他的射门命中率在目标范围内的成功率为66%。这个数字比上个赛季的Kepa和Caballero高得多,但这是他职业生涯中第四差的数据。 ,远低于71.5%的职业平均水平。

Then the problem gradually surfaced. The size of the data sample is not very large, so we can't completely say the problem, but it seems that the goalkeeper can save fewer shots in the team coached by Lampard.


This seems to be related to coaching, personnel management, etc., but it is also essentially related to the way his team plays. Lampard's team has two main types of conceding goals: crosses and counterattacks. These two methods will expose the goalkeeper to the direct threat of the opponent. Whether it is a close-range header or a one-on-one single, it is relatively easier for offensive players to convert into a scoring opportunity.


You know, not every opportunity to score a goal has the same conversion rate.


Subsequently, this problem will continue to be magnified. The goalkeeper began to realize that he had lost one goal after another and made few successful saves. Then his self-confidence would drop, and his authority in the defense would gradually dissipate, finally making him face the next shot. The odds of losing the ball increase.


If a goalkeeper has almost a 50% chance of failing to resolve the opponent's shot, it will be difficult for him to show the confidence and arrogance that Kepa showed at the new Wembley stadium.


Obviously, Kepa must rest for a while. He needs to adjust himself and set off again, but the Blues still have deeper worries.


The number of goals the Blues conceded last season was the highest in 23 seasons, and behind this is actually a structural problem that needs to be resolved, and the team's tactical system still has defects in this regard. For the goalkeeper, Chelsea is not an easy place.